22 04, 2009

The Wrong Thing

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A woman got into my elevator this afternoon carrying a huge baby-themed cake. She was en route to a baby shower, and it reminded me that our grief counselor has warned that eventually someone will, without

20 04, 2009

A Different Light

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Last night one of the overhead lightbulbs in the kitchen burned out, so I stopped by the hardware store this afternoon for a replacement. The wayward bulb was one of the last incandescents left on the

16 04, 2009

Um, very funny?

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Sonya dreamed about a hummingbird last night – another sign from Georgia. I haven't seen any signs in my dreams, but sometimes I feel the kids really close by, as if they sense a wave of

15 04, 2009

Dreams and Signs

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My mom reminded me the other day that the priest who said my grandfather's funeral Mass told us to “be watching... he's going to be sending you signs.” Graham sent his mother a sign before we'd

13 04, 2009


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We've received many beautiful messages this week. Sadly, many of them include stories of losses like ours. One of my friends shared a passage from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn and said it offered comfort in

11 04, 2009

Graham and Georgia

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Hi everyone, Words are complicated right now and will be for some time, but I wanted to share a little more about what's happening with us and to answer some questions that people have brought up.