And The Almighty Smote the Local Burrito Shop

In Blog by Brady Carlson

Got big plans for the new year? Whatever they are, theyre not as big as this guy’s plans:

some guy promises to use the power of the Almighty to smite Chipotle

Nathan’s answer reminds me of my favorite Greek fable, in which Zeus gets into a feud with the god of burritos, Fourthmealus, and sends all the other gods and goddesses to the Mount Olympus drive-thru window right before closing time, and they all want extra sour cream and have coupons and things like that.

Then Zeus impregnates a woman in the guise of a packet of Fire sauce. That part of the story is slightly off the point, but I mention it because I think it’s a key scene in the upcoming Clash of the Titans sequel.

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