WAMU’s Metro Connection did a really fun piece about my little project today. I met up with reporter Jacob Fenston at Arlington and together we visited the Kennedy and Taft gravesites, but then he went back and reported on the Washington and Wilson sites as well. And he’s a good writer and photographer, so if he decides to pursue the other presidents too, well, then I’m in big trouble!

It’s definitely worth a listen, if only to hear me described as I truly am – “in the state of ‘breathless hyper-giddiness of a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.'”

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  1. I am a Maryland resident and listened to the WAMU story on your visit to the area. Good luck on your quest and welcome to the ‘Club of President Collectors’. I completed my adventure in 2008 and, until the next one kicks, can say the collection is still complete. A tip – When you go to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond to visit Monroe and Tyler, see Jefferson Davis…if you want ALL the American presidents.

    You’re probably aware of Brian Lamb’s book, ‘Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb?’ It is quite informative but the images seem to be a secondary feature. My primary objective was realized in a Blurb book that emphasized grave photographs – http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1837322 . It’s more like an album than a reference work. I also blog but have presented only five of the sites thus far. As you might have learned, there are a few others with the same interest and objective with web sites as well.

    Good luck.
    Ted Ringger

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