Researchers in Europe make a stunning discovery: playing hip-hop to cheese makes it taste better. Maybe they should have played a few songs to a collector’s coin in Germany that’s not getting a great reaction.

Cheese Exposed To Hip Hop Tastes Better (
A German Mint Just Released A Coin Commemorating 70 Years Of Currywurst, And It’s Unspeakably Ugly (Quartz)

If you want to make cheese, you need good ingredients – the right milk, the right amount of salt, and the right playlist.

I’m not sure why this happened at all, but researchers in Europe just released the findings of a study with a truly amazing name: “Cheese in Surround Sound – a culinary art experiment”.

They wanted to find out whether exposing cheese to sound would have any effect – they tried various frequencies, but they also had music – Mozart, techno, ambient, a Tribe Called Quest. You know you’ve hit your stride as a researcher when you’re playing “Stairway to Heaven” to a wheel of cheese.

Anyway, the researchers found that the most successful cheese was the one that heard “We Got (The Jazz)” by A Tribe Called Quest!

Which means that in my home state of Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland, cheesemakers of all kinds are probably about to start partnering with hip-hop groups as fast as they can.

Meanwhile, one of Germany’s mints is now making a collector’s coin marking the 70th birthday of the currywurst – that’s bratwurst with curry sauce on it, the invention of German food legend Herta Heuwer. The food is beloved – there was even a Currywurst Museum – but the coin is not getting a great response. Maybe they should have played it some hip hop before putting it on sale?