James Buchanan's Tomb

James Buchanan's Tomb
Buried: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Died: June 1, 1869

See him: “Posterity will do me justice,” James Buchanan said, not long before he died, and, much, like his presidency, almost everything about that statement is wrong. Almost everything – the tomb of the man almost always ranked by presidential historians as our worst president is elegant and well-maintained. (Don’t mind the marks on the tomb in this photo; it was raining when we visited.) Aside from an odd bit of graffiti we found; a granite marker near the tomb with the word “Buchanan” on it had been tagged with the word “JUICY.”

Buchanan is at Woodward Park Cemetery in Lancaster – look for the flagpole and the brick service building to find him.

See also: The lovely, albeit inexplicable-at-first-glance, James Buchanan Memorial in Washington. Old Buck may be ranked last among presidents, but this spot is not ranked last among memorials.

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