Mr. T vs. Max Banner!

Our tale begins at the Mr. T Youth Center,
a place where Mr. T deals with every kid with an even hand.
Nobody gives him no back talk.
Plus, kids can learn to make ashtrays.

Inside, Mr. T is teaching the kids all about the Internet…

About 58,500,000 results turn up- but only one catches Mr. T’s eye.



Mr. T vs. Max Banner!

After doing a quick search on Yahoo! Yellow Pages,
Mr. T drives off to find LivingIndefinitely!

The heavily armed LivingIndefinitely guards
are no match for a van that’s FAST!

An old friend has followed Mr. T to the secret base to
give him vital information!


Mr. T vs. Max Banner!

Mr. T sneaks his way into the base, only to meet a diabolical foe…


Having vanquished the sucka who was on the jazz,
Mr. T gets down to serious bidness!



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