Doesn’t anyone have respect for great art anymore?

Bill Cosby's head made of Jell-O

This is “Jell-o Head,” a fine work by Andrew Salomone that depicts Bill “Fatherhood” Cosby in Cos’s old favorite, Jell-O. The talented Mr. Salamone presented this magnificent work at a place called Buoy Gallery, which is (I hope) several miles out to sea. He and “Jell-o Head” won well-deserved accolades from the Buoy Gallery audience, who we can only assume are pirates and starfish and so forth.

Fun evening, right? Apparently this wasn’t enough for the assembled crustaceans or whoever, because they decided it would be more fun to take this well-thought-out Cosby portrait and start rearranging it. They gave Bill a mustache, and drug paraphernalia, and changed and moved and turned and twisted until Bill Cosby was no longer Bill Cosby but…
Pac-Man made of Jell-O

I love Pac-Man as much as anyone – I have an embroidered Pac-Man pattern on my living room mantle (seriously, I do) – but Bill Cosby is not Pac-Man, no matter what art-loving lobsters try to tell you. Bill Cosby does not morph into Pac-Man at night, and Bill Cosby has nothing to do with ghosts (Ghost Dad notwithstanding). Art should not be tarnished because a bluegill and a walleye think Phylicia Rashad hangs out with video game characters.

Here is a handy chart I made to distinguish Bill Cosby and Pac-Man. If you are a seafaring species in any sense of the word, please carry a copy with you at all times:

  Cosby Pac-Man
Endorsed Jell-O products YES NO
Endorsed eating energy pills that turned ghost monsters blue NO YES
Starred in "Fat Albert," "I Spy," "The Cosby Show" and that other show that was like "The Cosby Show" but wasn’t "The Cosby Show" YES NO
Starred in "Pac-Man: The Animated Series" NO YES
Recorded a cover of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" YES NO
Recorded freakish versions of popular Christmas carols NO YES

This should clear up any lingering confusion, so that next time you’re out at an Andrew Salamone exhibition, you can enjoy the art instead of turning it into an odd dessert shape-shifting exercise.