23 12, 2019

Competitive Dreidel Is The Best New Hanukkah Tradition (Cool Weird Awesome 198)

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Take the Hanukkah favorite, dreidel, and turn the intensity way, way up. Now you've got Major League Dreidel, a growing new sport in New York City. Plus: an agency in Nova Scotia decided people needed a break from ads this season, and released some ad-free ads.

28 07, 2011

We Need More Costumed TV Pitchmen and We Need Them Now

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We need to rededicate ourselves to the principles that made local TV commercials into icons of our childhood! We need pitchmen and women who are either eccentric or incoherent - preferably both. We need jingles and slogans that are even more eccentric and incoherent. And we need costumes, and plenty of them!