28 05, 2020

James Bond’s Favorite Food Was Going To Be Scrambled Eggs (Cool Weird Awesome 308)

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Agent 007 is known for living as large as you can - fast cars, fancy clothes, expensive hotels, and fancy food and drink. But writer Ian Fleming once admitted that Bond was originally going to eat

4 07, 2019

What Was July 4th Like Before The Fourth Of July? (Cool Weird Awesome 76)

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It's the 243rd birthday of the United States, and we've done a lot of celebrating over those years. But what were people doing on the Fourth of July before American independence? One of the most interesting stories is from July 4, 1054 - in China.

28 06, 2019

Medical Glue. Strong Stuff. (Cool Weird Awesome 72)

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A team at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology developed a way to use medical glue to bind human tissue together instead of stitches and medical pins. They heat it up using, essentially, a hot glue gun - one that they hopefully don't leave in with their craft supplies.