11 02, 2020

Living Fabrics Make The World Greener As They Make Us Look Fancy (Cool Weird Awesome 235)

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There's a whole world of sustainable materials for clothing that will have less of an impact should they end up in landfills - some don't just have low carbon footprints, they have negative carbon footprints! Plus: an art student in Japan puts on a fashion show in which the lead materials in the clothes are rubber bands.

13 08, 2019

Checking In To The House Plant Hotel (Cool Weird Awesome 104)

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The online plant store Patch is offering to take care of the house plants for you while you’re on holiday, in what it’s calling the world’s first plant hotel. Plus: meet the Social Escape Dress, which tracks your stress and activates built-in fog machines if the moment gets to be too much for the wearer.