To Protect Themselves From Lions, Cattle In Botswana Have Eyes On Their Backsides (Cool Weird Awesome 359)

"Ambush predators" like lions go after livestock while those animals aren't looking. So scientists at the University of New South Wales tested a theory in Botswana: what if we painted eyes on the back ends of cattle so the lions thought they were watching? Plus: National Roller Coaster Day is coming up, make your plans to visit Japan's famous pedal-powered SkyCycle. 

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Couple Songs Are A Thing, According To Science (Cool Weird Awesome 289)

You know how some couples have their own song? There’s actually psychological research into what are known officially as “couple-defining songs," and there are legitimate benefits to the relationship to choosing a tune to share. Plus: next time you're in Japan, drop by Neko Neko Shokupan and share one of their famous cat-shaped breads with someone special.

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Counting Japanese, I Really Think So

I can't imagine what release forms must look like for contestants on this show. "Contestant acknowledges that he/she may be caned by a man wearing a surgical mask during the course of production, and agrees not to hold the producers liable in such event."

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I Should Only Watch TV From Other Countries

Last time we were talking about a brilliant video in which video game baseball players reenact a real life World Series game. But it can work the other way, too - real people can reenact video game moments. Like my new favorite game show, Human Tetris!

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