28 05, 2010

Will We Now Learn What Willis Was Talking About?

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When it came to wondering what Willis was talking about, Gary Coleman was peerless. No one wondered what Willis was talking about more; no one came closer to finding out what Willis was talking about. It is fitting that the field's premier research institution is named the Gary Coleman Center for What Willis Was Talking About Studies.

13 01, 2010

My Year With The A-Team: Season 1, Episode 4 – Pros and Cons

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The A-Team considers folding up the commando tent when approached by a representative of the Fatburger company. They're pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy up the west coast, and they want Hannibal to open a drive-thru in Modesto. But an evil burger heiress played by guest star Clara “Where's the beef” Peller wants her piece of the pie – er, beef, er, whatever already, leading to a flame-broiled showdown that means food, folks and firepower.