19 05, 2020

The Day The Sun Left New England (Cool Weird Awesome 301)

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This day in 1780 was a very strange day for New England. The sun decided to leave the sky around 10 in the morning, leaving everything pitch black and scaring the heck out of the locals. Plus: this day in 1964 was a very strange day for Andy Warhol, who received a very interesting letter from the Campbell Soup Company.

5 08, 2019

Dear Family, Camp Is The Worst, That’s The Entire Letter (Cool Weird Awesome 98)

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There's an Instagram account called Homesickdotcom, which shares photos of the hilarious letters kids at camp send their parents when they maybe don’t want to be at camp. Plus: two brothers on their way to the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, have a very twinny experience with the State Patrol.