1 08, 2019

Save The Washing Machine Museum! (Cool Weird Awesome 96)

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The Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum in Eaton, Colorado, is facing an uncertain future. Its namesake wants to pass on his collection of some 1,600 machines to the next generation. Hopefully someone takes him up on that offer, because there’s a lot of history here. Plus: the Lumberjack World Championships begin in Hayward, Wisconsin, and we go for the obvious Monty Python reference in describing the event.

10 07, 2019

When The Flyover Flies Over The Wrong Spot (Cool Weird Awesome 80)

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Patrouille Swiss is the official aerial acrobatics team for Switzerland. Last weekend they were in fine form as they flew over the community of Langenbruck for a festival honoring a local aviation hero... except for one thing: they weren’t actually over Langenbruck.

17 06, 2019

How To Move A 12 Ton Sphinx (Cool Weird Awesome 63)

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The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology - known better as the Penn Museum - needed to move its most famous object, a 3,000 year old Egyptian sphinx, from a gallery to the main hall as part of a renovation project. The move was only 300 feet, but the sphinx happens to weigh 12.5 tons, so it took three days to get from point A to point B.