Let’s Cover Some Unusual Measurements In A Jiffy (Cool Weird Awesome 148)

Almost everything we do can be measured, and in lots of ways beyond the inches, yards and seconds we normally use. We take a trip through some lesser known measurements, like siriometer, cow's grass, and jiffy (yes, it's an actual term!) Plus: meet the dad who built a full-size claw machine for his daughter's 7th birthday party.

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Goalkeeper Cat Makes The Save: This Week’s YouTube Videos To Watch With Your Kids

Since YouTube's recommendation engines are, shall we say, not entirely trustworthy, I'm declaring myself the Best Dad On The Internet and guiding you toward the good stuff.

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She Ran A Marathon While Pushing A Triple Stroller Full Of Kids (Cool Weird Awesome 89)

Lots of parents multitask but Cynthia Arnold is completely off the charts, having just run the Missoula Marathon while pushing a triple stroller containing her three kids.

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