My Year With The A-Team: Season 4, Episode 8 – Blood, Sweat and Cheers

NBC brings you a tough, sassy crossover between The A-Team and Cheers! Ted Danson's bar is being harassed by a mystery villain, who wants to make it part of a chain of English pubs. The team finds out that the man behind the scheme isn't a man at all, it's a robotic clone of Winston Churchill! The team deftly defeats Robot Churchill's many clone soldiers – this was not their finest hour – and the robot's head explodes after Cliff Claven begins reciting little-known facts about the Caribbean mongoose and its role in the Haitian Revolution.

Night of the Lepus

The director is asking the audience to take it on faith that these rabbits, who are only shown hopping, frolicking and sniffing things, are really a threat to the town. It also doesn't help that when a rabbit is actually attacking someone, the "rabbit" is very clearly a guy in a bunny suit.

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