21 03, 2020

How Do Time Zones Work At Earth’s Poles? (Cool Weird Awesome 264)

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Time is an odd thing no matter where you are, but it's especially weird at the North and South Poles, since all the world's time zones sort of converge there and a day as we know it lasts an entire year. Plus: it may be time to pay a visit to the World's Largest Buffalo Monument!

18 11, 2019

What Time Was Like Before Time Zones (Cool Weird Awesome 173)

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November 18, 1883 is when railroads across the United States adopted a uniform system of time, more or less getting all of us in sync with each other. But what was time like before then? Plus: Japan has had cat cafes, hedgehog cafes and bunny cafes. Now there's a minipig cafe!

3 06, 2019

Cool Weird Awesome 53: And Then One Day You Find 10,000 Years Have Got Behind You

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A project to build a clock that will run for 10,000 years got us thinking about how we measure time - and amazingly, 10,000 years is more time than has passed since the invention of hours, minutes and seconds.