My Year With The A-Team: Season 1, Episode 8 – The Out-of-Towners

Hannibal and Face confront Yaphet Kotto
Once again in need of some R&R, the A-Team heads to a bed and breakfast in Vermont run by an old army buddy of Hannibal’s (played by Tom Poston of “Newhart”) The place has seen better days, so Hannibal concocts a plan to liven it up by putting on a fancy song-and-dance show for all their old military friends, just like in “White Christmas.” (Don’t miss B.A. and Murdock performing “Sisters”!) Colonel Lynch thinks this is a jolly chance to capture the A-Team, but then Tom Poston’s mild-mannered character goes on a killing spree and the team has to blow him up with explosives instead of build him up with song, dance and laughter. The only episode of “The A-Team” co-written by Irving Berlin and David Mamet.
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