Vantablack is a color that’s so black it absorbs almost all of the light nearby. There’s new research out about a “vantafish” that does almost the same thing to avoid its hungry bioluminescent neighbors. Plus: you’ve heard of drive-in theaters; Paris is going to have a “float-in” theater featuring “socially distanced boats” on the Seine.

Vantablack? Meh. Meet the Ultra-Black Vantafish (Wired)

Floating Movie Theater With Socially Distant Boats Set for Paris (Interesting Engineering)

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It’s like, how much more black could this fish be? And the answer is none, none more black.


VantaBlack is the shade of black that’s so incredibly black that absorbs light.

Technically, it’s not a color but what it looks like when there isn’t any color.

It was created for use in scientific applications. Putting Vantablack inside a telescope, for example, can limit any stray bits of light in there, which makes for better images.

As WIRED reported this week, scientists have just published research on a fish that can make itself just as dark as the ultra-dark artificial stuff.

It’s called the fangtooth fish. It’s chock full of melanin, which enable it to become extra-dark.

Much of that melanin is inside organelles called melanosomes, which can absorb light.

Why? Because the fangtooth fish lives in a part of the ocean with bioluminescent creatures, some of which use their ability to generate light to catch their prey.

These fish can absorb 99.956 percent of the light around them.

If you don’t want to be caught by a bioluminescent fish, that’s a pretty good way to do it.


Drive-in theaters have had a good run lately, while regular theaters have been closed.

Paris is one of several cities trying a float-in theater. The official name is the “cinema on the water.”

It will let people take in a movie while floating on the Seine in quote “socially distanced boats.”

Definitely don’t throw popcorn at the people in front of you at this theater.