Papa and baby Wyatt

Papa and baby Wyatt

For those who haven’t heard, we have a new member of the family! Wyatt Carlson was born in February and we adopted him a few days later. Sonya flew out to Arizona to pick him up while Owen and I kept the household running here in New Hampshire.

Owen playing billiards

This was a very unexpected and happy surprise, by the way – we had really only begun the adoption paperwork in December, and he was home with us less than two weeks after placement. Even he can’t believe Sonya when she tells him the story:

Wyatt is suspicious

Our collective bewilderment aside, we are all doing fine. Baby is healthy and settling in well. Owen is a great big brother, and Sonya and I are even sleeping every so often.

Owen and Wyatt are happy brothers. All four Carlsons smiley baby Wyatt