29 03, 2019

The Goat Mayor Of Fair Haven, Vermont (Cool Weird Awesome 7)

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A leader named Lincoln is aspiring to greatness, and may yet achieve it - if, like Honest Abe, she can clean up the big mess in front of her. She's the new mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont: Lincoln the goat.

23 03, 2019

CWA Privacy and Terms of Use

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Privacy Policy The Cool Weird Awesome podcast neither collects nor shares your personal information. Terms of Use Please listen to the Cool Weird Awesome podcast as often as you'd like. Please respect our intellectual property rights

22 03, 2019

Millennials Are (Not) Killing Lunch (Cool Weird Awesome 2)

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Millennials are not really killing lunch. But an often-discarded piece of their beloved avocados may end up saving lunch, thanks to a new kind of cutlery made from bioplastics. This weekend head to Virginia City, Nevada for the 41st International Collegiate Mining Games. Can your college hang with the Mackay Muckers of the University of Nevada - Reno in gold panning and jackleg drilling?

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