You may not know this if you’re not a pro wrestling* fan, but World Wrestling Entertainment is as much a media company as it is a wrestling* show. They make movies and publish books. They sell Gene Simmons-worthy levels of merchandise. And they have an in-house music team, because every wrestler* needs an entrance theme. And rather than pay for the rights to use other people’s songs, they just make their own. Every so often they release compilation albums of entrance themes, though I pine for the days when they would put out records that featured the wrestlers singing. (When do we get the special edition re-release of “Piledriver”?)

Some time ago that music team remixed the theme music for D-Generation X, the rude and in your face team that’s featured stars like Triple H and Shawn Michaels. They took this punky late 90s entrance track and made it festive. I cannot explain why. In wrestling*, these things happen sometimes.

*For years and years the head of WWE forbade anybody in the company to refer to the show as wrestling (he preferred “sports entertainment”) or the performers as wrestlers (the official term was “superstars”). That guy is gone and occasionally WWE people say “wrestling” on the wrestling show again!