Well you can’t say she isn’t giving it her all here. Televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker made about a zillion albums as part of her TV and multimedia ministry with husband Jim, but none may be as memorable as “Christmas With Susie and Allie,” where she sings holiday favorites in the voices of the characters from her puppet ministry.

It’s quite a thing to hear Susie, voiced by Tammy Faye, bickering with Allie, also voiced by Tammy Faye, in the middle of singing “Jingle Bells.”

There’s more about this music at the WFMU blog. I cannot verify this story, but if this really was the final fate of Susie Moppet, holy, um, bells:

When [the Bakkers] left, the CBN staff threw a party, and trashed the set of their children”s show, destroyed the tapes, and split Susie Moppet’s head with an ax.