I know that almost every person who has ever been famous has recorded at least one holiday track. I know this. And, by extension, I should also not ever be surprised when I come across a celebrity who recorded holiday music. And yet, I’m still just stunned by the 1996 holiday CD “Santa’s Last Ride” by game show legend/crochet enthusiast Vanna White.

The album is based on a poem by Leslie Bricusse in which, as the product description online explains, “Santa finds that by 1993 his Christmas Eve ride brings him in contact with terrorists, muggers, and other unpleasant manifestations of modern life.”

So while I know I shouldn’t be surprised that Vanna White, who is, after all, famous, made a Christmas album, I can be forgiven for being stunned that she made one based on that storyline. To be fair, the story appears to be significantly toned down in the CD version; in the title track, Santa’s less traumatized by muggers and terrorists than just sort of tired from having a very hard job. So he threatens to resign as Santa unless people stop taking him and The Meaning Of Christmas for granted.

By the way, the voice of Santa here is Tom Bosley from “Happy Days.” And he sings pretty well! So does Vanna, for that matter. And honestly, on that count I can say I’m not surprised.