I was going to put the song “Just Like Christmas” in this year’s countdown anyway, because it’s a terrific song and Low is a terrific band. Then I heard the very sad news about singer/drummer Mimi Parker, gone from this world way too soon, and I wanted even more to pay some tribute to this beloved musician.

But, honestly, there’s nothing I can say that isn’t better said by Low fans like Tony. He tweeted about the time his father, who had dementia and hadn’t spoken in quite some time, heard Low’s version of “Silent Night” and started singing along, “word perfect.” He said “it was like a memory had just clicked.”

I put Low’s “Silent Night” on right then, and I thought about Tony and his father, and I thought about Mimi and Alan and their family, and… everything, and just let the tears flow.

RIP Mimi, and thank you.