I love weird obscure 60s pop songs and this one is as weird as they come. Lisa Miller is known now as Leeza Miller and has also released music under the name Little Lisa. Her mom was Kay Lewis of Motown’s Lewis Sisters, and along the way Lisa/Leeza started recording music as well. She released a single in 1967 called “Love Is,” with a B-side for the record books.

There’s definitely a lot of Motown in the sound of “Loneliest Christmas Tree,” and fans of holiday music might think this track is going in the same direction as Stevie Wonder’s “One Little Christmas Tree,” where a tree straight out of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is hoping for its chance to make the season bright. And that’s where this track starts- but it keeps going. Not only does the short and scrawny tree get noticed and decorated and enjoyed on Christmas, it then lives through the horrors that come at the end of the season, when it’s stripped of all its finery and left out in the street, cold and alone. It’s jaunty and kind of terrifying all at once and this song just couldn’t be more amazing.