You don’t need no invitation to listen to today’s holiday song, your ticket IS YOUR SOUL.

This one is just as bonkers as it was when the “band” Spinal Tap first put it out in the early 1980s.

Short story about this song: in high school I was asked by one of my English teachers to provide some musical accompaniment for the school’s “British Christmas” event, which was supposed to be in the style of the Christmases Dickens wrote about. Not the depressing stuff like at poor Bob Cratchit’s house, but the hot punch and figgy pudding-style events that Scrooge eventually enjoyed. For a brief, poorly-thought-out moment, my band and I were going to come in and play “Christmas With The Devil.” This, we thought, was British Christmas, and Spinal Tap did bill itself as “one of England’s loudest bands.” Eventually we thought better of the idea and corralled some of our string instrument-wielding friends into becoming a sort of folky ensemble for the night. Jeff, our drummer, read old English poems under our music. It was nice, and definitely not evil.