Welcome to the second year of me sharing with you some of my oddly extensive knowledge of the best and worst holiday music ever recorded!

I am not entirely sure how it all started, but sometime in the late 1990s I started gathering festive songs as if I was the Borg Collective from Star Trek and the music was the rest of the galaxy. I got pretty serious about it – definitely more serious about it than I should have, since the only outlet for this obsession was whoever happened to be in earshot of my computer’s speakers.

I guess I just like knowing things.

Anyway, it’s paying off now, because, each day from now until Christmas, I get to share with you a memorable musical holiday moment that you’re not likely to hear on the all-holiday radio stations or the streaming service playlists.

And here’s one of my absolute favorites: “Christmas Tree On Fire” is a pretty twisted take on holiday music, but Holly Golightly is just so cheerful throughout the whole song that you can’t help but sing along.