Welcome to the friendly neighborhood of Pacville, where a Christmas miracle is about to take place.

It’s the early 1980s and Pac-Man Fever has overtaken the entire world, which means: lots and lots of merchandise! Among these is the Pac-Man Christmas album, which puts Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Pac Baby at home to get ready for the big day. Because Pac-Man is not a jerk, he and the family decide, in the spirit of Christmas, to invite the ghost monsters over for dinner.

This is rather big of them, especially because Speedy, Bashful, Shadow and Pokey are planning to ambush their hosts as soon as they get inside the door. But when they show up, the Pacs have put out a big dinner and presents! There are sneakers, scooters, even a copy of “Alfred Hitch-pac’s Favorite Ghost Stories.” All the Pacs want, you see, is to be friends again with the ghosts. And in the face of all this generosity, the ghosts undergo a Grinch-like transformation; they’re touched by the spirit of the holiday! Or they’ve got Pac-Man Fever like the rest of us did back then.