Five lines worth remembering from the past week:

  1. “The ability to burp on command.” – David Bowie, telling Vanity Fair in 1998 about the quality he most liked in women. [Vanity Fair]
  2. “I wasn’t worried. My truck is big and old and made of steel.” – Dustin Miner of Penacook, New Hampshire, recounting how he let an alleged reckless driver ram into his truck five or six times in the hopes of stopping the guy from hitting someone else. It worked, and the other driver was arrested. Also, Dustin Miner had just proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes. [Concord Monitor]
  3. “EL CHAPO GUZMAN WEARING BARABAS SHIRT !” – the marketing team at Barabas, a Los Angeles-based men’s clothing company, excitedly pointing out what the drug kingpin was wearing in the photos accompanying his Rolling Stone interview with Sean Penn. [NPR via NHPR]
  4. “It’s actually a very accurate depiction of friendly wrestling matches that took place back in those days.” – Patrick O’Connor, mayor of Whitesboro, New York, where the town seal includes a picture of a white settler strangling a Native American. [Mashable]
  5. “My staff won’t let me talk to you unless I have a banana at hand. I’m sitting here with a banana; it’s a big, ugly, brownish one.” – President Bill Clinton, speaking to British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997 and revealed this week through a BBC Freedom of Information Act request. There’s a complicated explanation for why this came up. [Yahoo News] [Buzzfeed]