Today we head to one of the spookiest addresses of all time: 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Mockingbird Heights, USA.

That was the fictional address for the eerie 60s sitcom family The Munsters.

But there’s a real world version of their house in Waxahachie, Texas.

The Munster Mansion is the work of Sandra and Charles McKee.

Sandra says if it had been up to her husband, they would have made a replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek.

But she was a huge fan of the Munsters; in particular, she loved their house, which was everything a giant creepy mansion ought to be.

She wanted to bring the house to life, except that the house wasn’t quite a real house.

It was a set on a TV show; there weren’t any blueprints to follow.

Instead, the McKees created their own, by studying all 70 episodes of The Munsters to make every detail of their home look like the one from the show.

They sometimes even counted footsteps of the show’s characters, then calculated the length of those steps based on the known heights of the actors.

The couple found replicas of the furniture and decor; sometimes they were able to get hold of actual pieces that had been used on the set.

They even commissioned a version of the Munsters’ pet dragon Spot, who lived under the stairs.

Originally the Munster Mansion was also the McKees’ family home; their kids grew up trying not to run their toys over the carefully placed cobwebs.

Eventually the family moved to the house next door, and the mansion became a shrine for Munsters fans (and quite a few cast members have dropped by).

You can drop by too; the McKees run house tours, and most months they offer a murder mystery night for up to 10 guests.

Costumes are required, but don’t show up as Herman Munster.

They’ve already got one of him.

Today in 2002, a soccer record that probably won’t ever be equaled.

A team from Madagascar, Stade Olympique l’Emyrne, lost to AS Adema 149 to 0.

And they scored all of the goals against themselves to protest the officiating in their league.

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