There’s a new cafe in the Indian city of Ambikapur, but it’s a little different.

It’s what’s known as a garbage cafe.

There are a few of these around the world, aiming to help very poor people by offering them meals and/or shelter in exchange for the trash they pick up and try to sell.

The Ambikapur cafe does exactly this as it operates out of its main bus station, but there’s more.

This operation takes the plastic that’s turned in by its customers, that plastic is then melted down into little pellets, and those pellets are mixed in with asphalt to make new road surfaces.

The idea is that the plastic makes the roads less porous and therefore more durable, while the cafe provides food and housing for those in extreme poverty.

I haven’t seen any Yelp reviews of the cafe’s food yet but that’s probably not the point.

This weekend in Twinsburg, Ohio, near Cleveland, the annual Twins Days festival is getting underway.

They expect thousands of twins to come to town for twin-themed and the traditional “Double Take parade.”

For the record they say “non-twins are also welcome.”

Bring Plastic Waste And Eat Full Meal At India’s First Garbage Cafe In Chhattisgarh (India Times)

Twins Day Festival

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Photo by Monik Markus via Flickr/Creative Commons