Today’s show is about a word you may not have heard before: electroceuticals.

That refers to medical treatments that use electricity.

A study out of The Ohio State University finds that electrical stimulation can actually help us heal wounds faster.


Just a reminder at this point that electricity is not a do it yourself home remedy.

Electroceutical bandages have been used for almost a decade now; they can be useful in making sure a wound doesn’t get infected with bacteria.

But this new research finds that a small but steady amount of electric current on a wound can do more.

Say a person’s finger gets a cut.

The body is going to send healing agents over to the site, only the injury itself can be a barrier, physically blocking those agents from getting to the wound and doing their job

But the researchers find the electricity makes the blood vessels more permeable.

The white blood cells and oxygen can get to the wound and get the healing process underway.

The team doesn’t know how it works yet, so there’s still more research to do.

I mean, it’s not as if you can just zap new knowledge into existence, is it?

Many artists want their works to live on for as long as possible, but not all.

Take Maria Lynn of Minnesota.

She carefully arranges grains of colored rice into portraits of cartoon characters, emojis and pop culture images, and then tosses them into the air!

The effect of what she calls tossed rice art is that for one brief but amazing moment, her portraits hover in the air.

Good thing she takes videos of them all.

Electricity could help speed wound healing, new study shows (Ohio State University)

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Light blub photo by Theo Crazzolara via Flickr/Creative Commons