Electricity makes a lot of things possible these days.

I mean, you’re using some kind of power as you listen to our show, or read about it on the website.

But many parts of the world don’t have an electric grid, and some have grids that aren’t reliable.

The grid in Lagos, Nigeria is one of those, and there’s a new startup that’s offering an affordable and accessible way to get power for the essentials even when the grid isn’t working.

The company is called Reedii (pronounced “ready”) and, as Fast Company explains, they rent out energy “capsules” – essentially big batteries or chargers – to residents who need to power cellphones, plug in lights or use other devices.

The capsules can be linked together if someone needs extra power.

And they’re available at corner markets, where people already go to pick up groceries and other supplies.

When the rental period is up, you bring them back to the market.

Reedii charges these devices with solar panels – so it’s green electricity for people who can’t install their own panels because of the costs or because they live in apartments.

And someone who has access to the capsules doesn’t need to use a gas-powered generator, which can be loud, expensive and potentially hazardous if the generator and its fumes are too close to the house.

Reedii is currently operating in Nigeria, with plans to expand into other countries in Africa.

And you can learn more about the project at CWA dot com and on Twitter at Cool Weird Pod.

We’ll need even more power for our next story, cause it’s way out in space! So take this short break to recharge!


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