Here’s a song with an odd track record. “It’s Christmas (All Over The World)” was written for the 80s Christmas flop “Santa Claus: The Movie,” the one where evil corporate John Lithgow and wayward elf Dudley Moore scheme to overthrow Father Christmas. Santa is played by David Huddleston, who you may know best as the actual Jeffrey Lebowski, and now any time I see clips of this movie I think Santa and his reindeer are delivering toys to Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, though not without first asking, every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to deliver presents to the owner?

Back to the song. As I understand it, “It’s Christmas” was written for the movie soundtrack with the hopes that Freddie Mercury of Queen might sing it, but he and the rest of the band were already working on the soundtrack to “Highlander” and THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE so they turned to Sheena Easton instead. This is glistening with 80s production elements; keep that in mind as you listen.