“Dick Sargent or Dick York – I still can’t decide which “Derwood” is right for me and it’s ripping my life apart!

– Jentri in New Hampshire

Jentri – the sad truth is that the cabal behind “Bewitched” wants your life to be ripped apart. They want to divide people along lines of Sargent and of York, so as to gradually take control of your thermostat. And it works – the producers of 60’s sitcoms live in the warmest, most well-insulated houses in the world, while you’re hovering between 62 and 63 on a good winter day. And that’s before the water heater “breaks down” (or so they’d have you believe).

Interesting note: “The Hogan Family” tried the same tactic in the 80’s when they replaced Valerie Harper with Sandy Duncan. It failed only because no one watched “The Hogan Family.”

The only way out is to break through the false choices these producers offer. Your Derwood should be neither Dick York nor Dick Sargent, but Dick Van Patten.

Still not convinced? Well, how’s this exercise video for a convincer?

Glad to have you on board, Jentri – and I’ll bet your living room is a little warmer already, isn’t it?