20 02, 2023

Before There Were Big Car Sales On Presidents Day, There Were Big Bicycle Sales (Cool Weird Awesome 953)

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Today is the observance of President's Day, originally a holiday marking the February 22nd birthday of George Washington, but along the way it also became known as Bicycle Day.

20 02, 2020

“Ghost Signs” Show What Buildings Used To Be (Cool Weird Awesome 242)

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If you’ve ever driven past a building and seen a faded advertisement on the side of the brick, or spotted a neon sign for a restaurant where a real estate office now sits, those are ghost signs. A new book called The Ghost Signs of NYC tours these signs and advertisements and tells the stories of how they got where they are.

20 02, 2014

The best presidential attractions that will get no votes in the “best presidential attractions” contest

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The travel section of USA Today is running a poll on the best presidential attractions, and because I'm on the email lists of pretty much all of them, I'm being inundated with vote requests.

20 02, 2012

The World Is About to End – Or Maybe Just Fort Wayne: The False Alarm of 1971

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Hatefulness didn't kill anyone during the great False National Emergency of February 20, 1971, but it sure did scare the crap out of people in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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