22 06, 2023

Some People Didn’t Think The Earliest Air Conditioners Were Very Cool (Cool Weird Awesome 1032)

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Summer heat can leave a lot of us heading inside and cranking up the air conditioner. And yet, if you look at the history of this invention, you’ll find quite a few times where people said, are we sure this is a good idea? 

22 06, 2022

A Rare Blood Condition Led To The “Blue People Of Kentucky” (Cool Weird Awesome 794)

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A family in rural Kentucky with a rare blood disorder had blue complexions for decades - until a doctor found a way to treat it.

22 06, 2020

After World War I, The Allies Held Their Own Olympic-Style Games (Cool Weird Awesome 325)

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This is about the time we were all supposed to be gearing up for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Since that's on hold, let's instead talk about the Inter-Allied Games, which began in Paris on this day in 1919. Plus: if you'd like some fierce sporting competition from this century, try out the American Hedgehog Bowling Association (and don't worry, the hedgehogs aren't bowled down the lanes).

22 06, 2012

Presidents Who Lie (In State): The Trips

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My latest project is to visit each of the gravesites of the US presidents and blog about what I learn about our culture. There will be strange stories, there will be somber stories, there will be everything in between. And you get to decide where I start!

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