Is there anything in life that would not be improved by adding some connection to blaxploitation icons? Wouldn’t your GPS be a million times cooler if, instead of using that calm robot voice, it talked like Fred “the Hammer” Williamson?”  “Turn left ahead – AND PRESS ON!” Wouldn’t those stacking Russian dolls be cooler if the doll at the center was a representation of Foxy Brown?

Food, too, gets cooler as you add blaxploitation in there – that’s the idea behind this muffin package that looks something like Jim “Black Belt Jones” Kelly:

But these folks didn’t just stop with the packaging – look at the muffin itself!

The muffin is the "hair" in the packaging!

As Frank Zappa’s muffin man might have put it, “some people like blaxploitation cupcakes better. I, for one, care less for them!”