Sure, Violet Beauregarde turned into a blueberry, but she probably didn’t need Band-Aids.

Wild blueberries can apparently help us heal cuts and other wounds.

This news comes from Maine, a state that has quite a few blueberries.

University of Maine professor Dorothy Klimis-Zacas has been studying the compounds in wild blueberries and how they might help us stay healthy.

In particular, she’s been looking at phenolic acids, which can be extracted and then used to help close wounds more quickly.

Burn victims, for example, could see their wounds heal and their skin regenerate more quickly.

Or people with diabetes could better control the wounds that are a common side effect of the disease.

Klimis-Zacas has just received a grant aimed at furthering her research and putting it out into the world for practical use.

Me, I’m going to go make myself a blueberry smoothie, just to be on the safe side.

Today on the big island of Hawaii the 3rd annual Hawaii Island Steel Guitar Festival is set to begin.

The three-day event includes performances by some of the top steel guitarists of our time.

And even if Hawaiian guitar music isn’t your thing, remember that if you go, you’re in Hawaii in February.

Wound-healing treatment using wild blueberries receives MTI grant (University of Maine)

The 3rd Annual Hawaii Island Steel Guitar Festival (This Week Hawaii)

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