Hello again from my ongoing attempt to be the Best Dad on the Internet! This project did not slip off my radar in the weeks since our last update – but it did slip off my online to-do list, which is worse. But good news: it’s back on there and I’m going to get you more videos to enjoy with the young people in your life in the weeks to come.

This cake is not a lie

This week’s videos are (very) loosely themed around desserts – fitting that we’re all coming down from the Halloween sugar rush. So here’s a video about cakes! My kids were fascinated by this stop-motion movie about what marble cakes look like as you slice them and devour them. It’s not giving anything away to say they look trippy:

[Kevin Parry]

Pig, meet cookie

This pig is sleeping. But there is a cookie near its nose! You might say the cookie wins the exchange, but you might also say the pig wins.

[Prissy and Bomber]

And now, doughnuts… of a sort

Ok, this is not a set of the doughnuts you eat, but it is a pretty wild set of the doughnuts a car can make under the right circumstances… which apparently include a massive chain reaction contraption, paintballs and something called a knifedrone (!)

[Driving Line]

Honey, it’s a Lego beehive

Technically there’s no candy or pastry in this video either, but it’s a video of a rotating beehive made entirely of Legos, and that seems pretty sweet to me.


And this is where the theme for the week completely breaks down

Nothing to do with sweets whatsoever here. But it’s a homemade remote control lawnmower, and that has to count for something.

[Mr. NK]

Hope you enjoy and share this week’s videos!