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The Outtakes From Orson Welles’ Wine Commercial Might Be His Most Legendary Work (Cool Weird Awesome 1236)

Today was the birthday in 1915 of Orson Welles, a one of a kind creative force. And yet somehow one of his most viewed works is also a set of apparently drunken outtakes from a wine commercial in the 80s!

Ancient Romans Once Threatened To Exile Anyone Wearing Pants (Cool Weird Awesome 1235)

One way you could celebrate National No Pants Day today is to put on a Roman toga or tunic, though the ancient Romans actually did a 180 on pants. Here's why they were for them after they were against them. 

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The Distress Call Mayday Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With May (Cool Weird Awesome 1234)

Yes, today is a day in the month of May, but that's not where the international distress call "Mayday" comes from. We'll fill you in on the actual backstory.

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Bonnie Richardson Won A State Track Team Championship By Herself – Twice (Cool Weird Awesome 1233)

This month in 2008, a high school athlete from a very small town competed as a team of one in the Texas track championships, and finished first two years in a row.

When News Companies Tried To Deliver Newspapers Through Radio Transmissions (Cool Weird Awesome 1232)

Today in 1939, the opening of the World's Fair in New York. One of the inventions featured there was a way that newspapers could broadcast newspapers over the radio and have special receivers print out a copy of the paper for customers.

Willie Nelson Once Recorded An Album To Pay Back Taxes To The IRS (Cool Weird Awesome 1231)

Today in 1933 the birthday of Willie Nelson, a country music legend who once put out an album so that he could send royalties to the IRS to pay some overdue taxes.

A Single Tree In New York Grows 40 Different Fruits (Cool Weird Awesome 1230)

For Arbor Day, the story of the Tree of 40 Fruit, a real tree in Syracuse, New York that shows just how many different fruit you can graft onto a single tree.

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Absorbing An Oil Spill With Cork And Lasers (Cool Weird Awesome 1229)

On today's show we’re uncorking a new method to treat oil spills with cork and lasers, an unexpected and potentially greener combination.

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The “Electronic Tongue” That Can Tell When Wine Starts To Spoil (Cool Weird Awesome 1228)

Washington State University researchers have come up with another e-tongue, and this one can quickly sense the compounds that show up when wine is spoiling.

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“English As She Is Spoke,” A Guide To English Written By A Guy Who Didn’t Really Speak English (Cool Weird Awesome 1227)

For International English Language Day, the story of the most unusual guide to the language ever published, the one called “English As She Is Spoke.”

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