Will Kryptos, The Unsolvable CIA Puzzle Sculpture, Finally Be Solved? (Cool Weird Awesome 230)

Kryptos is a puzzle sculpture that’s been on the grounds of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia since 1990. Three of its four coded messages have been solved - and now we have a clue that might reveal the fourth. Plus: the story of the J.W. Westcott II, the only ship that has its own ZIP code.

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drip drip drip on Flickr.Giant thunderstorms are no fun when you don’t really have a roof. The yellowish-brown water that dripped into most of our remaining rooms made it look like our house

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The hidden side of Hidden Farm

Demolition is more or less finished, and the contractor has found some, um, interesting facets of the structure. We’d always known this house was built in pieces; we found at least three very obvious places

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Minus one attic

This morning there was an attic in that space between the chimney and the blue tarp. Not anymore - demolition has begun. A full day of demo work means a full dumpster. This thing will

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How did he do that?

The power company came by to move the lines. I have no clue how the driver got that truck into our driveway. I can’t even get the car in there now! - Sonya

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A new growing season

The contractor is busy inside the house, and we’re trying to keep busy outside, getting ready for this year’s garden. Having Owen around means we probably won’t be able to do hundreds of tomato plants

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