One thing I’ve missed this year is traveling around.

I miss visiting friends and family,

I miss seeing the sights, exploring new places, and, honestly, I miss the traveling part of it too.

A long road trip is my idea of a good time, maybe even in one of those classic cars that you see on TV but never get to drive.

But then, of course, there’s the side of me that doesn’t want to ride around in an old gas guzzler, no matter how sweet the ride may otherwise be.

Fortunately, there are efforts to keep the most picturesque cars of yesteryear on the road, while giving them a much smaller carbon footprint.

California-based Zero Labs is developing an electric car platform specifically designed for classic cars.


They go into the autos to take out any of the old hazardous or toxic parts or materials and retrofit them with all-electric engines that are designed for that specific model of vehicle.

The goal is to keep the feel of the original car intact, minus the pollution.

And for the gearheads, they say the engines have plenty of power for even the most muscular muscle cars.

Now this company is only working on vintage cars, and restoring one is going to cost more than just buying a brand new electric vehicle.

But as we move from a heavily gasoline and diesel-based auto-world to a greener one, we’ll need to do something more than just taking millions and millions of traditional cars and dumping them in junkyard and landfills.

And those who really want their lovingly restored old-school rides to stay on the road will have some options.

If anybody gets like a Model T done, or an old hippie bus?

Get in touch, cause I’ll ride with you sometime.

When you think of jazz, what instrument comes to mind? Maybe a saxophone or a trumpet? Piano? Big string bass? Possibly a clarinet or some vibes?

How about bagpipes?

Swedish musical groundbreaker Gunhild Carling, who is best known for once playing three trumpets at the same time, put on a show in 2014 where her band played a swing song as she soloed on the bagpipes.

I know, it sounds bizarre, but wait until you hear it.

Thanks to Zero Labs, Any Classic Car Can Transform Into an Electric ‘Clean Energy Hero’ (Designboom)

Jazz Bagpipes Exists and Is Amazing (Neatorama)

The best combination of all is this show and its Patron backers! 

Corvette photo by Chad Horwedel via Flickr/Creative Commons