“Gone A Long Time” is the first track on Cold Holiday’s 2023 album “We Are All We Have.”

I ran into some friends on the street
Or probably they ran into me
None of us knew just where to stand
None of us knew if we should shake hands

We all took turns, asking how’ve you been
Nobody looking ahead
A few of us inching back
After that we couldn’t think of much more to say
Finally we each said “I’m glad you’re ok”
“Yeah, I’m glad you’re ok”
Then we walked away

I know we really should catch up sometime
But I know your story, you know mine
We’ve been living in parallel
There really wouldn’t be much to tell
I guess we could try some familiar lines
keep the conversation light
And see if that felt all right
It’s better than opening wide and saying what it’s really been like
Feeling disappointed and denied
Feeling tired and terrified
Feeling unsatisfied

If you’ve picked up where you left off
Then this time around, may it never stop
I hope what you wanted is what you find
there’s just something stuck in the back of my mind

I’ve been spinning far out of sight
And I’ve gotten used to the quiet
Like a star that forgot how to shine
There’s a whole world around me, regenerating
Maybe I’ll keep it waiting
Maybe I’ll keep it waiting

I’ve been gone a long time

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Cold Holiday
© 2023 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.

Cover photo by The Ewan via Flickr/Creative Commons