“I Bet It Stung” is the second track on Cold Holiday’s 2023 album “We Are All We Have.”

I had a dream that you weren’t in
Someone else had my attention
The spotlights shining all around you
Didn’t point in your direction
No one in line would let you cut in
No open doors to make an entrance
No one hanging on your every word
Not a single eye was watching

I bet it stung

You play each side against the rest
Deciding who will get a mention
Twisting words and twisting knives
Starting fights to sell the tension
You could never take enough of me
And turned around to leave me hanging
Here’s a last look at what happens now
You’ll always get to be angry

And I’ll be free

Everyone wants to be recognized
Turn a few heads and catch a break
Everyone wants to be amplified
Make a splash in someone else’s lake
But every ripple in the water
Finds another one to push against
You’re just standing still
and getting wet

You’re at the same low ebb you’re always at
You’re always stuck on the road looking ahead
You leave the same impression you always left
You got the empty goodbye you’d always give

I bet it stung

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Cold Holiday
© 2023 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.

Cover photo by The Ewan via Flickr/Creative Commons