“Poison Pen Letters” is the second track on Cold Holiday’s 2020 album “Previously,” and was originally track two on the 1994 album “Chapternext” by Streetcar.

There’s writing on the wall
But I won’t spell it out for you
I wrote a warning
Just to see what it would do
It’s not any easier for me
To see what we’ve been through
I walked around and I
Put a torch to everything I knew

I know you’ll write it off

Did you mean everything
When everything was on again
I never saw it coming
I never gave it a chance
Did you look and see inside
And find that there’s nothing there
It’s on the outside

And now you have to wait
To see the things you need to do
And try to send them off without a care
It’s what you’ll do
Don’t try to sort it out
Don’t ever try to start again
Will you walk it off or are you just
Going to be left standing

Three feet down and fading fast

I know you’ll write it off

Words and music by Brady Carlson and Jeff Giba
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday
© 1994 and 2020 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.