Today is Eddie Money’s 70th birthday – he’s marking the occasion with a concert in Long Island, home turf – and his band includes three of his kids.

And it’s National Farm Rescuer Day, which is maybe appropriate given the mess that’s unfolding in the Great Plains these days.

That bomb cyclone storm caused huge flooding in a number of states, including my home state of Wisconsin, but Nebraska was hit as hard as anyplace.

The governor has called the flooding the most widespread damage in the state’s history.

Maybe that’s why this story from the Lincoln Journal Star is getting so much love.

It’s the story of two Nebraska men, Kyle Simpson and Gayland Stouffer, who’d spent most of the weekend dealing with flood damage.

By Sunday night, they were tired, dirty, maybe not in the best mood.

And they still needed to get back to their car, which was an hour’s walk away.

As they walked the two spotted something along a washed-out road. When they got to it, they could hardly believe what it was: a refrigerator, just laying there on the ground.

And not just any refrigerator. It was stocked with ice cold beer.

They didn’t know whose it was, or where it had come from, but if fighting a flood for three days isn’t reason enough to crack open a few mystery beers, then what is?

Simpson called it a gift from the heavens.

He and Stouffer each had a drink, took a selfie and posted it online.

Hundreds of people shared the photo, and it somehow found its way to Brian Healy, who realized that the fridge was from his family’s cabin.

He spoke with Kyle Simpson and the magic beer fridge will be headed back to his family soon.

‘A gift sent from the heavens’ — Magic beer fridge found in flooded field (Lincoln Journal Star)

Photo by Our Lady of Disgrace via Flickr/Creative Commons