Someone’s pet is injured. What do you do? Head to the hardware store, apparently.

Two weeks ago, the Humane Society of San Diego had a conundrum.

Someone had brought in a tortoise with a hole in its shell.

As FOX 5 San Diego reported, the veterinarians normally would have operated to fix the hole, except it was just above one of the tortoise’s shoulder.

Surgery wasn’t an option here.

One of the veterinarians, Dr. Daniel Barbour, came up with an alternative plan involving a trip to the hardware store, where he picked up a screen door repair kit.

He took some sandpaper to smooth out the shell, and then poured some epoxy resin onto the door screen to create a prosthetic shell patch.

Now, he says, the main issue with the turtle is not the shell, but keeping track of his whereabouts.

As Dr. Barbour puts it, “On a warm sunny day, when he gets up and moving, I have to keep my eyes on him. He’s pretty quick.”

Here’s another story to wrap up today’s show: like so many fellow rock music fans, Ron Minis dreamed of playing one of the great guitar solos of all time: the one from the Guns ‘N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’Mine.”

Ron’s a musician, so, rock on, right?

Well, the thing is, as he explained in a YouTube video, his parents signed him up for piano lessons, not guitar.

But he found a way to recreate Slash’s epic lead playing.

He hooked up some distortion boxes and other gizmos to his piano, and wouldn’t you know, it sounds just like that guitar solo.

It’s quite a performance, even if it doesn’t explain why a piano player like him didn’t just play “November Rain”!

Vet invents new procedure to save injured tortoise (FOX 5 San Diego)

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Photo: Aldabra tortoise at Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute, via Smithsonian Institution