Get all your giggles out now, everybody, you know what’s ahead.

Humans have come up with a long list of jokes about the seventh planet from the sun and its name.

You’ve likely heard many of them already.

Heck, if you’ve traveled on Route 66 you may have even visited the tourist attraction known as Uranus, MIssouri.

The owner refers to himself as the “mayor of Uranus” and there’s a candy shop called the Uranus Fudge Factory.

I won’t repeat the slogans they have on the t-shirts.

It’s all in good, if not completely polite, fun, but the thing is, there are actual scientists in this world who study that planet for real, while the rest of Earth’s population turns their field of study into an endless series of bathroom jokes.

The website Futurism decided to call up these Uranus scientists and ask: do the jokes bother them?


Most of the scientists said they’re ok with the jokes on their own.

A few even said they make the jokes themselves!

But a few did point out a concern.

Uranus is one of the least explored planets in the solar system, one where there’s a lot of interesting questions to answer.

But the scientists worried that if they asked lawmakers and other top officials to greenlight a mission to the planet, they’d get turned down, because those decisionmakers wouldn’t want to have their names in any headlines with a Uranus joke.

As astronomer Heidi Hammel explained, “We do want to send atmospheric probes, and we do call them probes, and it’s impossible to separate that from the whole aliens probing humans thing.”

So, because of jokes, we apparently won’t be sending probes to Uranus.


Today is the first day of Magic Week, so we’re looking for as much magic as we can find.

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It’s home to Eagle Magic and Joke Store, which says it’s the oldest magic shop in the U.S.

They have card tricks, rope tricks, coin tricks, even a straightjacket if you’re an escape artist with a couple hundred bucks to spend.

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