There are several new sports in the Summer Games this year.

And there are other sports that proponents think should be in future Olympiads.

Inverse wrote a while back about an effort to make juggling the next big Olympic sport.


Competitive juggling has been a sport for decades.

The competitions are judged through a scoring system, similar to the one used in gymnastics.

There’s a governing body for the sport, the World Juggling Federation, and ESPN has been showing juggling competitions since 2005.

Now a lot of people, including some jugglers, consider juggling to be more of an art form, or a form of entertainment, than a sport.

The sport side argues that the skill, concentration, technical mastery and creativity a champion juggler needs to succeed make juggling a sport.

And also, intense juggling can cause a person’s heart rate to climb to 150 or 160 beats a minute.

So don’t be too surprised if you see jugglers at the Summer Games some years down the road.


There’s something pretty cool happening in the solar system this week.

The Sun and Earth are now in an alignment with Saturn, which is called Saturn in “opposition.”

The effect is that our system’s most famous ringed planet is at its brightest.

So take a look if you can today, or, more accurately, tonight.

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